Academic articles and book chapters by Sydney Hutchinson

  1. “Outsider, insider, and imagined tourists: Some notes on musical and cultural tourism in the Dominican Republic.” Forthcoming. In Sun, Sound, and Sand: Reflections on Music Touristics in the circum-Caribbean, eds. Daniel Neely and Timothy Rommen. Oxford University Press.
  2. No ma’ se oye el fuinfuán: The noisy accordion in the Dominican Republic.” 2012. In The accordion in the Americas: Klezmer, polka, tango, zydeco, and more, ed. Helena Simonett. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, pp. 249-267.
  3. Típico, folklórico, or popular? Musical categories, place, and identity in a transnational listening community.” 2011. Popular Music 30(2):245-262.
  4. Merengue típico in New York City: A history.” 2011. Camino Real. 4(5): 104-127.
  5. “Becoming the tíguera: Female accordionists in Dominican merengue típico.” 2008. World of Music, 50(3): 37-56. Reprinted in The World of Music: Readings in ethnomusicology. 2012. Max Peter Baumann, ed. Berlin: Verlag für Wissenschaft und Bildung, pp. 531-550.
  6. “Merengue típico: Transnational regionalism and class transformations in a neotraditional Dominican music.” 2006. Ethnomusicology 50(1):37-72.

Journalistic articles by Sydney Hutchinson

In the news

  • In June 2003, Newsday published an article on merengue tipico and a series of events organized by Sydney Hutchinson.
  • See a 2002 article from Newsday on Pinto, Berto, Sydney, & Radhames
  • In 2002, Sydney Hutchinson, Rafaelito and Radhamés Polanco gave a lecture-demonstration at the Tarrytown Public Library sponsored by the Hudson Valley Writers Center.

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