Can you help? If you are a típico fan, please help to advance research on this music by taking my first survey.

Since 2001, Sydney Hutchinson has been conducting research on merengue tipico in Santiago and New York City. Her principal work on the subject to date is her 2008 dissertation, Merengue típico in transnational Dominican communities: Gender, geography, migration, and memory in a traditional musicIt is available through Google Books.

Since then, she has published numerous articles and given many papers on the topic; two books are currently in the works. You can access some of these materials online, and others may be available by request from the author (or your library). More information by clicking on the following links:  Articles, Conferences, Projects, or Típico at the Centro León.

In the Dominican Republic, Rafael Chaljub Mejía is actively researching the history of merengue típico. One of his books, Antes de que te vayas: Trayectoria del merengue folklórico, is available online. Another book, Por los caminos del merengue, is not currently available.


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